Palo Santo Bundle, 6 Palo Santo Sticks, Palo Santo Gift Set, Palo Santo Sticks & Holder

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6 Palo Santo Sticks in a handmade Kraft paper bag, comes with a holder to burn sticks on.

Holder Dimensions: 10.5 x 4.5 cm

Palo Santo Benefits:

- Creates a relaxing atmosphere

- Relieves stress, headaches and anxiety

- Leaves a sweet, soothing woody aroma

- Has a grounding effect, calming your mind and clearing away negative thinking and blocks

- Purifies and cleanses your space, clearing away negative energy to re-establish peace and balance

- Thanks to the slow-burning nature of palo santo wood, the sticks can be relit many times

How To Use:

1. Open window                                 

2. Hold the stick downward at a 45-degree angle over a flame until a glowing ember forms                     

3. Once it ignites, remove from the flame and watch as the wood naturally extinguishes itself (rotate stick to extinguish flame if needed)                                      

4. Place the stick on a heatproof dish                                                          

5. Walk around your room with it to allow the smoke to drift around your space

Please Note:

- All sticks are roughly 10cm in length

- Material of holder is zinc alloy



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