Tegh Kaur (Royal Blue) - Sikh Action Figure Toy

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Tegh Kaur is THE WORLDS FIRST Female Sikh Action Figure.A Pioneering toy, breaking barriers in the industry.

She comes tyar bar tyar, forever ready for battle with her Dhaal (Shield) and Kirpan (Curved Sword) Inspiring Sikh children to be take pride in their Image, Identity and Culture.


Tegh Kaur is sister to both Baaj Singh and Sher Singh. Throughout their childhood they witnessed countless invasions of their villages by combined Forces.

Now, after spending years developing their strength from Simran, Sewa and Shashtar Vidiya, this jatha of resistance is ready for battle against the Evil of Kalyug's Armies.


·         6 inch Action Figure Toy

·         Traditional Sikh Warrior Garments

·         Armoured Plate

·         Curved Sword

·         Hardened Shield

·         Fully Movable Joints



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