Each seller manages their own orders, and are responsible for their own policies regarding refunds, and returns. These policies will vary from shop to shop. 

The shop page or product pages will show the sellers policy on returns and exchanges under the Policies section.

If the seller does accept returns, it is advisable to confirm the details in a message before returning the item:

  • The return address
  • Time frame for the return
  • Postage price and who pays (customer or seller)
  • Establish which delivery options are recommended or suggested

If the seller does not allow refunds or returns, but you would like to escalate the issue, you may be able to open a dispute with DesiCity.  

Cases can be opened if:

  • You never receive your order
  • Your order wasn’t as it was described

Before making a purchase, review the shop’s returns & exchanges policy. This can be found on the shop and/or product page. If you are unable to find one, please contact the seller directly. 

If the seller is unable to help you, you can contact DesiCity for further assistance or open a dispute.