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Hi, I'm Reena,  the founder of Ayuri. 

I trained in Ayurveda in 2016 and have always had a love and passion for the principals of Ayurveda and Yoga. I believe that everyone can benefit from this ancient wisdom known as 'the science of life.

I launched my Ayurvedic candle business whilst on furlough in July 2020 with a mission to share Ayurvedic wisdom through my hand-poured scented candles. The scents in the range are designed to help bring balance to the doshas.

Doshas are bio-energies made of the five core elements that exist in the universe which are earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The elements are grouped into three bio-energies called Vata (air + ether), Pitta (fire + water) and Kapha (earth + water). According to Ayurveda, each of us is made of these three doshas which can become imbalanced due to our modern hectic lifestyles.

Scents from the Vata range are warming, can help calm the nerves, and are beneficial for anxiety and insomnia. Scents from the Pitta range are grounding, help bring a sense of calm, and are soothing. Scents from the Kapha range create a sense of positive energy and are uplifting.

Ayuri candles are eco-friendly and made with locally sourced materials and ingredients. The wax used is 100% natural vegan soy wax. Soy wax is produced from sustainable plantations and is not harmful to our health or the environment when burning in the way that paraffin wax is. 

The scents are a blend of essential oils of herbs, spices, flowers, and botanicals. Some of the scents are blend premium fragrance oils and essential oils. 

I personally hand-pour every candle in my home in London, lovingly made with care and every attention so that you can enjoy the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda at home.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them for you! x x x

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