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RAUR Sportswear

Physical fitness and sports have always been associated with Sikhism. As a family we’ve tried to adopt this with both parents qualifying as FA football coaches while the children were young. In recent years the children have taken this on by working out in the gym and with long distance running. With Maharaj’s Kirpa, while we have our health, we are and want to remain very active…not least because some of us really enjoy langar!

Like many Sikhs the gym is a regular destination and a source of both physical development and mental wellbeing. It was here we saw people from all walks of life wearing a whole range of varying gym clothing. However, we didn’t feel the clothing really represented us as Sikhs…and this was a gap we wanted to plug.

RAUR was born.

Using our Sikh designers, we developed our logo and navigated the route to trademark it. Would you believe we had an objection from Jaguar – it looked too similar to theirs they said. We weren’t sure about that but didn’t feel our pockets were big enough to double check!! So, we revisited the logo and with a blend of Singh, Kaur and Roar we now have the live logo, successfully trademarked.

Through a range of market research and sampling we have developed our initial range which is now in production. Our local photographer, who is also a Sikh, is on standby for the photo shoot.

It’s exciting times! And the opportunity to work with The Sikh Games is wonderful and not one that we wanted to pass by. So here we are. The next few months will be very busy, but we can’t wait to bring RAUR to market.

When we train, we RAUR!

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