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Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting my store. 

I hand-paint Jute bags to promote sustainability in a stylish way. Majority of the designs are inspired by my time growing up in Tanzania, East Africa. Being earthed for most of my life, close to Mother Nature and experiencing all the positivity nature has to offer in its purest form. I bring a little piece to you through my painting.

We all know the damage excessive single use plastic usage causes. Making one little change at a time, will help. Switching to a bag made with all natural materials, is one step closer to making your little change. Here are a few facts about Jute bags:

- Since the bags are bio degradable, they can be used as compost for your garden when they are no longer usable as bags.

- Jute bags have breathable material, the improved airflow within them assists in preserving the freshness of groceries. They are also temperature resistant.

- Jute is a highly durable material, it has the strength of over 1000 plastic bags.

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