Baaj Singh - Sikh Action Figure Toy

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  • 6-inch Action Figure Toy
  • Armoured Chest Plate
  • Double Edged Sword
  • Hardened Shield
  • Fully Movable Joints
  • Traditional Sikh Warrior Garments

Baaj Singh is the World's First Sikh Action Figure Toy.

He comes tyar bar tyar, forever ready for battle with his Dhaal (Shield) and Khanda (Double-Edged Sword)
Inspiring Sikh children to be take pride in their Image, Identity and Culture.

The beautiful land of Panjab has been ransacked by the latest invasion of Kalyug's Armies.
Now all hopes of peace lie in the hands of a small group of Khalsa Fauj.

Baaj Singh, a Spiritual Warrior from a humble village, leads this Jatha of resistance battling against the Evil of Kalyug's Armies.



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