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Kids Patka Purple A patka is a small piece of cloth that Sikhs use to cover their head. It has four strings attached. A patka is a piece of cloth approximately square in shape, with four almost 1cm wide cloth ties sewn onto each corner, used to tie the patka around the head or around the hair knotted on the top of the head. It can be worn alone or under a turban. It is made from 100% Cotton, making it comfortable to wear. This patka is dyed black using natural dyes, and so the colour won’t fade even after washing. It is also available in different colours and sizes. The adult patka’s size is approximately the size of the patka 21"x18" approximately The patka originated from the city of Patiala, in Punjab, in the sixties and was then known as a ‘Patiala Shahi Patka’. Before the invention of the patka, nowadays boys girl wear turbans as soon as they could manage to tie them. We also stock Turban material in various colours too!



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