Rose Quartz Candle Holder - love and Relationships - Kindness - healing

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This beautiful Rose Quartz candle holder is the perfect gift for anyone who deserves something a little bit special. It can be used with a tealight or a small aromatic candle and when lit, the natural stone emits a gorgeous glow, helping to restore calm and peacefulness in room.

The crystal has been designed to hold one tealight and when lit up it emits a beautiful pink glow.

Rose Quartz is know for its soft loving vibration but is also popular because it is beautiful and comes in a variety of all shapes and sizes.  

Your rose quartz candle holder will be intuitively chosen for you, energetically cleansed and Reiki blessed.



Rose quartz properties and benefits 

Rose quartz encourages compassion, peace, tenderness and healing - restores trust and harmony in relationships - develops a strong bond between family and friends - encourages unconditional love, self forgiveness, kindness and acceptance - releases tension and stress - dispels anger, fear, resentment and negativity.






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