Variety Box of 6 with Mixed Nuts

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Everyone has a favourite dessert that they cherish beyond all others. Ours is kheer. Mix and match from our range of flavours and indulge in a Variety Box of 6, made extra special with our addition of rich mixed nuts. Enjoy! Each jar is approx 140g

Allergens & Storage

All our kheer contain MILK (Dairy). Where applicaple NUTS (Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews) are added in all jars when selected . 

Store kheer in the fridge and consume within 3-5 days of receiving, our kheer is NOT suitable for freezing.

Can be enjoyed chilled or warmed up in the microwave. Find out more about heating instructions on our F&Q page. 


Milk(Dairy), Rice, Sugar, Cream(Dairy), Evaporated Milk (Dairy), Cardamom, Cinnamon, Butter(Dairy), Natural Flavouring Extract (Where applicable)



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