Solid Silver Bracelets with natural Black Onyx Semi-Precious Stones

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Beautiful, hand-crafted solid sterling (925) silver bracelets with natural black onyx gemstones. These bracelets have been crafted to a very high standard with eye-catching semi-precious stones.

Black onyx is linked to the seven chakras and as such it is thought to have healing properties.  Specifically, b
lack onyx is a root chakra stone and brings grounding energy to keep you connected. The root chakra is one of the most important chakras as it invites excess energy to be released from the body. 

Black Onyx gives strength, stamina, and helps you to adjust to your surroundings without feeling overwhelmed. This gem does the perfect job of a talisman or an amulet by stopping potential threats in their tracks and clearing the path for you to move unobstructed through this world. By ensuring your roots run deep, your emotional balance is equalized, and your vigour remains fresh and renewed.

So whether you are buying these silver bracelets and stones for their potential healing attributes, or simply because they look stunning, they will not disappoint either as a gift or a personal treat.

Finally, these rings have been made to order by suppliers in India who have ethical workforce practices, and then imported to the UK. MADE IN INDIA is committed to preventing and protecting children and women from labour exploitation. Hence, the company will donate 3% of its annual profits to select charities committed to tackling such abuses and exploitation. All your purchases and support for MADE IN INDIA will therefore contribute to this important cause.



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